3M Protective Window Films

We use 3M Color-stable and crystalline premium window films exclusively. 3M brand film is recognized, proven and trusted by both consumers and professionals as the original and industry-leading film.

We sell protective window films, not just “tint”. We offer the darker films for personalization, but you can also get the protective benefits for your vehicle and passengers in lighter and less noticeable shades. 3M films are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Our professional point of sale materials and demonstrations help sell window films to a larger demographic.

3M lifetime warranty. Guaranteed for the life of the vehicle not to fade, discolor, bubble, crack, peel or delaminate.

Included 3M Service Contract. The industry’s only no-fault tint-service contract will cover replacement of scratched or damaged window film, most commonly from pets, wedding rings, watches and  kids’ toys. This warranty even covers film replacement for broken windows.

Industry-leading performance. 3M offers the best heat rejection and UV protection, with high scratch and shatter resistance and low reflection.

Superior appearance. 3M Color-stable offers the best color and clarity, for a nice look, without being overly reflective or flashy. We also offer the best-looking and guaranteed installation with our many 3M certified installers, who will get your cars done right and on time.

3M’s non-metallic film will not interfere with GPS, smart keys, OnStar®, cellular, AM/FM or other signals.

You will have access to our exclusive online, real-time scheduling system.

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