CHIPROTECT 3M Clear Vehicle Protection Film

3M’s Scotchgard™ urethane paint protection film is clear, so the original paint color and luster shine through. With CHIPTROTECT, this durable film provides guaranteed protection against rock chips on vulnerable areas of vehicles, keeping the factory paint finish intact and protecting the appearance and resale value of any car.

Our warranty is second to none. We offer a 10-year warranty against any material defects such as discoloring, cracking or peeling; as opposed to most competitors’ standard five-year manufacturer warranty. We also include a five-year rock chip guarantee not offered by our competitors. Our warranty and chip guarantee are included in our prices, and come on a written contract.

We use 3M Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film. Widely recognized as the original and industry-leading Paint Protection Film, this is the only film with an actual automotive clear-coat finish.

Computerized patterns, for an exact and consistent fit on any model, are designed in-house. With our own pattern experts, new body styles can be patterned the first day one is sold instead of waiting for one to be available in an online database. Our patterns avoid seams and relief cuts wherever possible; and easily accessible grills, trim, emblems, license plate brackets, headlight sprayers, etc., are removed when necessary for seamless coverage.

We do the highest volume of film installations on the west coast. This means our many 3M-certified installers have more experience and stay well-practiced, to produce the best-quality end result and get your cars done on time and done right.

You will have access to our exclusive online, real-time scheduling system.

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