3M Scotchgard™ Vehicle Protection Package

Known as “3-way package,” “Northwest Protection Package,” “PFL” or other nick-names, this guaranteed protection seals the paint, fabric and leather surfaces of the vehicle to protect them from the common substances that can stain or blemish vehicles. On the inside‚ spills and debris from coffee‚ soft drinks‚ mud and slush easily wipe off seats and carpets. Scotchgard™ also reduces exposure to the sun’s UV rays‚ which can cause vinyl dashboard cracks and upholstery discoloration. On the outside‚ Scotchgard™ protects against blemishes from tree sap‚ bird droppings and acid rain.

3M and Scotchgard™ are recognized, trusted and proven brand names. More customers want this brand of protection, and the proven products bring a higher value.

Broad warranty coverage covers not just the common contaminants, but any oil or water-based stains. Most everything outside of collision and vandalism is covered by the warranty up to five years.

Iden’s management can authorize repairs on the spot. No more waiting for someone across the country to call you back or tell you they’ll send someone when they can.

Should warranty work be necessary, the vehicle will be returned to its pre-damaged state. Competitors will not cover replacement of paint protection film, pinstripes, moldings, etc., after warranty repairs are completed, leaving the dealership or customer responsible. Only 3M covers replacement of products that need to be removed in order to complete repairs.
Offer the full 3M protection package. This product, together with CHIPROTECT and 3M window film, makes for the complete 3M package using our dealer customized brochures that include these three products.

Scotchgard™ vehicle protection packages can be installed by Iden’s, or by dealership detail depar™ents with training to ensure the best-looking result and protection.

Safe chemicals do not contain environmentally damaging C8 technology, and they do not have an odor as strong as other protection products.

Additionally, if Iden’s is doing the application of the 3M, we provide free re-application of the products every time an Iden’s detail service is purchased through the service depar™ent. The detail MUST be completed in order to re-apply the products.