Our exclusive, custom IDENSONLINE scheduling system will streamline your processes and communication. This simple, real-time system eliminates back and forth scheduling calls and miscommunicated information. You can see the available schedule and book your own appointments any time, from anywhere.

With IDENSONLINE, you can view our availability any time, with your customer in front of you or on the phone. Pick an available date, enter in all the information, what you need done, due time, special notes, etc., and watch your appointment save to our calendar immediately. On the day of the appointment, your service department will see that the car is on our schedule when the customer is checking in. A professional Iden’s employee will arrive to pick up the car and bring it back by the due time indicated on the appointment.

If you’ve scheduled appointments for protection products or any aftermarket products to be installed, you have likely experienced a different scenario:

– You sell the product to your customer and they’re not sure when they can bring it back, or it’s the weekend so you can’t get hold of your vendor to find out their availability.
– Customer calls in Monday to try to get their car in for Tuesday. You have no idea if your vendor can do this so you let your customer know you will call them back.
– You call your vendor, but they’re busy in the shop, so you have to leave a message.
– They call you back, but you’re with a customer so they have to leave a message.
– You finally connect but they don’t have availability for Tuesday–they have Wednesday or Friday.
– You call your customer back and leave a message that you can get their car in Wednesday or Friday.
– Customer calls you back and wants to do Wednesday.
– You call your vendor and get the work scheduled, they write it on a calendar.
– Car comes in to service on Wednesday, your service advisor can’t see the vendor’s calendar, but he crosses his fingers and hopes someone did schedule it as he checks in the customer.
– 4:00 p.m. comes around and your customer shows up to pick up their car but it’s not back yet. Once you can get hold of someone at their shop, the vendor swears you told them 5:00 p.m., though you and your service advisor are pretty sure you both said 4:00 p.m…

With even the most organized people, this situation is bound to happen. We created IDENSONLINE to avoid this and other issues that come from the old way of doing things.